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Last Updated: Feb 13, 2018 12:37PM EET
When it comes to email messages your attendees/applicants  receive, you are in control!
Edit subject and body of automated confirmation and invitation messages so that they totally suit your event and provide helpful information. Remember to click Save to save your changes.

Go to Setup >  Email Templates.

Edit the subject and body of your e-mail as you wish. 
Click on First Name, Last Name, Email buttons to include them in your e-mail messages for personalization.


List of Messages

 Here is the list of messages. Customize the message that are used for your event.

Messages for Registrations and Payments

  1. Registration Email Payment Completed (or, for free events, registration completed)
    This is the registration confirmation message Sent  when someone registers and successfully pays by card or PayPal account.
    An e-ticket is appended to the end of this message, to add to Passbook, together with a PDF attachment to print at home.
  2. Registration Email Payment at Door
    Sent when someone registers and selects Payment at Door (at the day of the event).
    An e-ticket with payment pending indication is appended to the end of this message, to add to Passbook, together with a PDF attachment to print at home.
  3. Registration Email Payment at Bank
    Sent when someone registers and selects Payment with Bank Deposit.
    Message does not includes the e-ticket. The e-ticket is only send later on, when you set this registration as Paid (At Reports > Orders > Set as Paid).Then, the registration/payment confirmation message  (the 1st message above) is send.

Messages for  Complimentary tickets, Personal Invitations, RSVPs

  1. Complimentary Email 
    Sent when you issue and send a complimentary e-ticket.
  2. Personal Invitation  
    Sent when you send personal invitations (to send a personal invitation click create order at Reports > Orders)
  3. RSVP
    The message for RSVPs.  (to send an RSVP click create order at Reports > Orders)

Messages for Applications (when you have enabled "I wan to select who will attend" at Settings)

  1. Application Email 
    This is the application confirmation message, sent when someone applies  to attend your event (if you have enabled "I want to select attendees" in Settings).
  2. Approval Email 
    Sent when you accept an application (at Reports > Applications). A unique payment/complete registration link is appended at the end of this message. When the accepted applicant successfully completes registration/payment, the corresponding registration /payment confirmation with e-Ticket will be send. 
    To resend the acceptance mail to a specific attendee, click again Accept. You can also resend mass approval emails with unique payment/complete registration  links to all accepted applicants that haven't yet paid or completed registration (at Send e-mails).
  3. Rejection Email 
    Sent when you reject an application (at Reports > Applications).
    To resend the rejection mail to a specific attendee, click again Reject.

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