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Sell tickets from your Facebook page

Last Updated: Jun 15, 2017 02:58PM EEST
Facebook users and fans can register to your events directly from your Facebook Page. They select their preferred ticket(s), fill in the registration form and buy their ticket(s) inside your Facebook environment.
If you have enabled the "Apply to attend" mode for your event, then users apply to attend directly from your Facebook Page as well.

If you have only one event coming up, the Facebook users will choose their ticket for this event when they click the Tab. If you have many events then, when they click the Tab, they will first choose one event from the list. 

Add a "Register - Get Tickets" Tab to your Facebook Page,  with just a couple of clicks.

Add a "Register - Get Tickets" Tab to your Facebook Page
  1. At the Eventora Control Panel, select Manage and go to Setup > PROMOTE Facebook
  2. Click the button "Add Tickets"  Tab  to your Facebook Pages. If you are not logged in Facebook, you will be asked to provide the credentials of the Facebook user that has administrative rights to your  Facebook page. Our Facebook app does not post anything to your Facebook Page, simply adds a Tab to it. You can then customize the Tab Image and the Tab Name (see below). 
  3. A list of buttons will appear, that will help you select the Facebook Page(s)  where you want to add the Tab.  Click the button(s) that correspond to the Page(s) you want to add a Tab to. 
A new Tab is placed on your Facebook Page. 
You add the tickets Tab (step 2 above) only once. When the Tab is added, to include any of your Eventora events in  the Tab's list, you have to do only steps 1 and 3.  

Note:If you have many Tabs on you Facebook Page, the "Register" Tab might be placed in the second row of Tabs. So it is a good idea to set its position so that appears in the first row of Tabs. 

How to set position of Tab and customize Tab Image and Tab Name, so that it matches your brand
  1. Go to Facebook and then go to Settings of your page.
  2. Go to "Edit Page", then click and drag a tab name to rearrange the order. 
  3. To edit Tab Image and Tab Name, click on settings that appears beside the Tab Name.

Try it out, add the "Register" Tab to your Facebook Page! You will provide a better experience to Facebook users and sell more tickets for your event.

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