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Send free RSVPs and invitations

Last Updated: Mar 11, 2017 09:35AM EET
Often, you need to send free tickets or tickets with special price to specific guests. 
You can do this by sending personal RSVPs or personal Invitations.
RSVPs automatically include 2 buttons ( "I will attend", "I will not attend").
Invitations automatically include 1 button ("Register").

How to do the setup
  1. First, create free (or special price) ticket type(s) at Setup > Ticket Types. You can name it as you wish (Invitation, Free Admission, etc.)
    To hide this free / special price ticket type from the tickets table displayed on your event page, uncheck the "Enabled" check-box for this ticket type.
  2. Set the fields that the guests need to fill-in, at Setup > Ticket Forms.
  3. Optionally, customize the e-ticket (PDF), wallet ticket, badge, certificate for this ticket type. To do this, go to Setup > CUSTOMIZE and select the corresponding menu choice.
  4. Then, customize the RSVP or Invitation e-mail template, at Setup > E-mail templates.
    You can customize or create multiple RSVP templates if you need so.
    Give a name to your template so that you can easily identify it by name.

How to send an RSVP to a single recipient
  1. On the Event menu, select Invite > (SEND) RSVP. 
  2. At the pop-up window, select the template you want to use, and click Next.
  3. Make sure that "Send by email" checkbox is checked, and select the quantity from the specific ticket type (usually 1, to send 1 ticket). Click Next.
  4. Enter the name, surname and e-mail of your recipient. You can leave the other fields blank.
  5. It's ready! To send it Click Create RSVP 

How to send RSVPs to multiple recipients
You do this by uploading an Excel file with the recipients info.
  1. On the Event menu, select Invite > (MASSIVE SEND) Send RSVPs. 
  2. Follow the steps to download the Excel template, upload the Excel file,  select ticket type, select email template.
  3. Click Create. Personalised RSVPs will be sent to each recipient (this might take a while, depending on the size of your list).

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